Hundreds of car accessories are getting flooded in the market which will not help, but confuse you on which one to be kept and which one to be avoided. One should not keep too many things so that the inside of the vehicle looks congested. You should keep the things which are essential to you. In order to avoid confusion, this article can act as a guide on which are the essential accessories you should keep in the car.

Have a look at the items which are essential –

  1. Air Freshener – Everybody wants to have a good smell inside the car. For this reason, it is very important to keep a air freshener or air purifier inside the car. This will eliminate all bad smell inside the car. You can use a bottle or an air bag.
  2. Cup Holders – Many people drink beverages while driving the car. The cups, if not properly kept, may lead to spills thus making the inside of the car, dirty. In order to avoid such spilling of the beverages and making the inside dirty, it is very much essential to install a cup holder inside the car. Folding cup holders are also quite popular in the market.
  3. Phone mounts – Never forget to miss the phone mounts inside the car. This will help the drivers not to miss any calls, whether it is family emergency or any matter related to work. Being GPS enabled, they are also quite useful when you are going to any unknown place.
  4. Power invertors – They are very much essential to charge the gadgets which you are carrying with you. Looking like power banks, they are lightweight and compact.

Sun protection – Hot sun in the summer months can make the seats of the car like a frying pan. It also damages the inside interior of the car to a great extent.