The advent of smartphones integrated with the Internet has created a new method of car rental bookings. Hence car rental companies are integrating apps with the smartphones to make renting a car more convenient for the travelers.

Since the current trend shows almost 48% of travelers prefer to use their smartphones for the travel experience.

Therefore, integrating mobile solutions is essential for the advancement of rental customer development. Web-based car rental reservation directly influences the profit of car rental business. Online presence boosts the number of customers every day. When more advanced technology is integrated with your system higher will be the ratio of repeat customers to your business.  

Here are some benefits that you get by integrating web-based reservation system with your individual car rental agency:

  1. You will get single-click quote for the entire fleet of rental cars
  2. Advanced car rental app includes Blackout days or sold-out days time management feature in the interface.
  3. After every trip, this technology enables printing vouchers and reports.
  4. Every car driver and returning customers can log in the online reservation page.
  5. You can notify your returning customers regarding your promotional offers with high discount rates to encourage more bookings.
  6. This technology enables you to set up prices anytime anywhere
  7. You can also install any software that offers individual levels of access to multiple users.
  8. Online booking software lets you track your performance by weekly, daily, monthly, even hourly basis.
  9. With the help of the online booking app, customers can trace you and book the car in real time.
  10. You can always ask your software developer to integrate multiple payment systems including PayPal so that customers can pay you by instantly making payments.
  11. These technologies can provide Multi-language support making it more user-friendly to the customers.
  12. Check whether your software is enabled with unlimited pick-up and drop-off locations. More you become available to your customers in various locations your rental services will earn more revenue.  You can also customize prices according to different locations.
  13. You can also set up customizable auto responders in diverse languages whenever any customer books your rental services through the online website. Once they book your car they will receive an instant reservation confirmation number.

Since modern technology is increasingly integrated with transport system through various mobile apps, younger generation is much more inclined towards online car reservation. There they get exact quotes, and see availability of the car, and make online reservations instantly, with just a few clicks.